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28, Jun, 24

WOTC Teases Huge 50th Anniversary Secret Lair Drop!

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At times, it feels like they should update the old adage “There’s no rest for the wicked” to include “or MTG players.” Just a couple of days ago, the Secret Lair Summer Superdrop was fully revealed. Despite that, we’re already we’re being teased about more Secret Lair content. Yesterday on the official Secret Lair Twitter account, a not-so-subtle hint at a drop celebrating the 50th anniversary of DnD was just posted. While we don’t know a huge amount just yet, this has the potential to be very exciting indeed.

A Long-Expected Party

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The post in question served two purposes. The first was to inform players that they could purchase the recent Julie Bell Secret Lair drop via the DnD Beyond Marketplace. On top of this, Wizards wanted to give the Magic community a good ol’ fashioned tease. After the actual announcement, the post ends with a hint at what the future may hold.

“This is clearly no indication of any future D&D 50th Anniversary themes we could be planning…”

Wizards of the Coast

A tongue-in-cheek tease like this is perfectly in keeping with the spirit of Secret Lair. It also essentially confirms that we’ll be getting a DnD 50th anniversary Secret Lair drop soon. According to the D&D Beyond site, anniversary celebrations are taking place throughout 2024. This means the drop could really arrive any time from now on. Given how big of a deal it is, it could well be a drop that exists outside of the typical Superdrop structure. Alternatively, it could form part of the next Superdrop in the Fall of this year.

Other than the drop’s existence, the post doesn’t give any other details away. This leaves a lot of room for speculation, particularly for a property as expansive as Dungeons & Dragons. Will this be a series of reprints from the existing DnD tie-in sets? New cards using the Module and Rulebook Showcase styles? Or something else entirely? For now, no one knows for sure.

Plentiful Possibilities


Of course, the lack of any concrete information has whipped the community into a speculative frenzy. In a r/MagicTCG thread started by HonorBasquiat, players pored over the original post and considered what the final drop could end up looking like.

“Ooh I’d love new BG3 cards or reprints of the characters with new art” noted Bibliophile20. Considering the immense popularity of Baldur’s Gate 3, this suggestion isn’t surprising at all. Technically, cards for each of Baldur’s Gate 3’s companions already exist, and they even have alternative art variants.

While these may already exist, the Battle for Baldur’s Gate set launched before Baldur’s Gate 3’s full release, which skyrocketed its popularity. As a result, some players see this drop as a way to give the game’s characters cards more suited to their station. Considering the newfound love for Karlach, Gale, and anyone but Lae’zel, this isn’t a surprise in the slightest.

“All of the characters need remaking!” said HotfireLegend, “The uncommons had it worst, when they were made into slightly more major characters.” Odd_Examination_5293 agreed: “Minthara especially. She’s stuck with her early access look. It would be neat to see cards for Ketheric, Orin, and Gortash, too.” Revisiting characters like this would make a lot of sense for the 50th anniversary DnD Secret Lair drop.

The thread’s OP also had some more spicy suggestions as to what the drop might contain. Whether or not any of these suggestions will be accurate, however remains to be seen.

“We also might see reprints of Magic the Gathering cards that are also D&D spells (i.e. Time Stop, Animate Dead, Fireball, Polymorph) in a potential 50th anniversary D&D Secret Lair release. Perhaps alongside something that is not a Magic card, such as a custom D20.”


This crossover concept makes a ton of sense for a drop like this. For now, though, speculation is all that we have to work with. Hopefully, some more official information will come our way soon.

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