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Commandfests Are Back! - Everything You Need to Know About These Events Return

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To cap off a big day of announcements, Wizards of the Coast discussed the return of Commandfests on today’s WeeklyMTG! The Commander focused events were a big hit prior to the pandemic, but very few of them happened due to it. Well now they’re back with the release of Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate! Here’s the details that you need to know about the triumphant return of these incredible events.

Dates and Locations

First off, there are going to be 15 total events ran all over the world in June and July. This is great because most if not all the previous ones were ran in the US only. That being said, if you want to learn more about the organizers for these events, head over to the Magic.gg article talking about Commandfests. Here are the dates and who is running those events

North America

  • Richmond, VA (June 3–5): StarCityGames
  • Las Vegas, NV (June 9–10): ChannelFireball
  • Philadelphia, PA (June 25–26): Top Deck Games
  • Indianapolis, IN (July 8–10): Pastimes
  • Montreal, Canada (July 15–17): Gamekeeper
  • Orlando, FL (July 22–24): CoolStuffInc Orlando
  • Bellevue, WA (July 22–24): Pastimes


  • Frankfurt, Germany (June 25–26): JK Entertainment
  • Birmingham, England (July 9–10): Axion Now
  • Bologna, Italy (July 15–17): Legacy

Asia / Pacific

  • Sydney, Australia (June 25–26): Good Games
  • Guangzhou, China (July 30): MTA
  • Osaka, Japan (July 30): J-Food

Latin America

  • São Paulo, Brazil (June 17–19 and July 16–17): City Class
  • Mexico City (June 18–19): Yellow Rabbit

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As with any of these type of events, there will be Promo cards given out to players who attend! During the last set of Commandfests, a promotional Sol Ring was given out in both foil and non-foil.

Wizards of the Coast

This will also be a promo this time around, but there is a second promo as well in Path of Ancestry!

These promos will appear both in foil and non-foil versions as well. Overall this is very exciting news to see. I had gone to one of the original Commandfests, and I had an absolute blast! Definitely check one of these out if you love Commander!

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