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Commander Eldrazi Financially Launches into the Stratosphere After Hitting $70!

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We’ve had (almost) a week of digital Modern Horizons 3 play now. This has given players a real opportunity to discover the new broken synergies that the set has created. Nadu, Winged Wisdom is definitely inventing a new combo deck posed to take over the Modern metagame, but it’s not the only new monster taking names and tournaments. Ruby Storm is a real deck in Modern and arguably offers more consistent, faster kills than even Nadu itself.

While these decks are continually causing spikes on the secondary market, there’s an even more startling and bizarre spike occurring right now. Two of the Commander-exclusive Eldrazi has just gained a ton of value, making them an incredibly expensive commodity. Why on earth is Flayer of Loyalties a $70 card!?

Flayer of Loyalties

Flayer of Loyalties has gone from being a random Eldrazi Commander card to being the headliner of a Commander deck! You can find this card in Commander Masters Collector Boosters, as well as in the Eldrazi Unbound precon that was released alongside that premium set.

The price spike accompanying this card is rather shocking. It appears as though this card has spiked from $8.60 to $70 in about a week! There are already copies of this card selling for $80 according to TCGplayer.

Why on earth is this Eldrazi suddenly rivaling the price of various Eldrazi Titans? there isn’t a complete consensus yet, but some people think this is a buyout, of sorts. Since new Eldrazi cards were just released, people want to play their Eldrazi in Commander, and they want to do it now.

If this is the real reason why Flayer of Loyalties is spiking in price, then our advice to players would be to sell high and buy low. The hype should pass eventually once everyone who wants their Flayer has one. This card’s price should mellow out in a few months.

There is potential for this card in Legacy, but we have no results to suggest that Flayer of Loyalties is tearing anything up in that format. That said, Dark Depths and Mutated Cultist are powerful enough to see Legacy play. The Cultist removes all of the counters on your Dark Depths, creating a free Marit Lage and reducing the cost of your next spell by ten generic mana. This can be used to cast a free Flayer of Loyalties, which is easily enough to end most Legacy decks on turn one.

Zhulodok, Void Gorger

Zhulodok, the face Commander of the Eldrazi Unbound Commander deck from Commander Masters, is also seeing a massive price increase, and for good reason. This is an absolutely ridiculous upgrade to the new Eldrazi Incursion precon deck helmed by Ulalek, Fused Atrocity. Because Ulalek can copy every single ability from a colorless creature on the stack, Zhulodok’s granted Cascade triggers both get copied, allowing you to Cascade four times! Yes, you need a colorless spell with mana value seven or greater to trigger Zhulodok, but there are plenty of these available in the Eldrazi theme.

Zhulodok’s price increase has been… odd. Similar to Flayer of Loyalties, Zhulodok has seen an absurd spike thanks to what appears to be a buyout caused by extreme demand. The card is currently selling for anywhere between $50-$100, but the recent sales tend to be trending higher. At the time of writing, the cheapest copy of Zhulodok available for purchase is $77. Before this spike started taking place, this card was only worth about $10.

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Pyretic Ritual

Pyretic Ritual is one of the key mana effects, or Rituals, in Modern Ruby Storm. While the card only generates one net mana without reduction effects, there are plenty of these available. You’ll generally want to play this card while you have Ruby Medallion or Ral, Monsoon Mage in play. That reduction will allow Pyretic Ritual to yield two red mana instead of one, which is what you need to Storm off with this deck most of the time.

Desperate Ritual may only be a common, but it only has one full printing in an MTG set. For this reason, Desperate Ritual has absolutely skyrocketed in price. Worth initially $2.53 near the end of May, this card has jumped to $10 this week!

Because this spike is rather fresh, Desperate Ritual can be found for some cheaper prices if you’re lucky. Finding one for $9 appears to be reasonable. Conversely, this card has been selling for as much as $16 in lightly played condition.

If, for whatever reason, the M11 printing is not for you, Desperate Ritual also has a List printing and a Secret Lair one. The Secret Lair variant is worth about $20 in nonfoil and $30 in foil, and the List Pyretic Ritual, only available in foil, is worth about $15. If you’re trying to find these to play in competitive events, a foil may not be what you’re looking for anyway.

Sea Kings’ Blessing

Sea Kings’ Blessing has been a repeat offender in the MTG finance world for the past few weeks. We already covered the Eldrazi hype and Ruby Storm’s spikes. Now, it’s time to once again talk about Nadu, Winged Wisdom.

Nadu is the reason why this Legends uncommon is spiking so heavily. The bird incentivizes effects that can target a bunch of your own creatures, and for just one mana, Sea Kings’ Blessing does just that. The ability to turn your creatures blue really doesn’t mean anything. It’s the targeting that matters.

Recently, Sea Kings’ Blessing was the cheaper of the two Legacy uncommons in Nadu’s colors that achieve the same thing. That may not be the case anymore. Sea Kings’ Blessing is now selling for as much as $100!

Fortunately, you don’t need to pay sky-high prices for Sea Kings’ Blessing as long as you don’t mind your card being in less than lightly played condition. Otherwise, you can find some non-English variants of the card for a very meaningful discount. Italian variants of the card are going for between $20-30 which, while still nothing to sneeze at, is a lot less expensive.

Sway of Illusion

Finally, we have a new Nadu, Winged Wisdom Commander card from eons ago that is starting to spike. Sway of Illusion, from Invasion, costs one more mana than the uncommon cycle of cards from Legends, but this card replaces itself, and is certainly a lot cheaper than the Legends cards currently. Once again, turning creatures to different colors won’t matter a lot of the time, but Nadu’s triggered abilities makes an effect like Sway of Illusion really attractive for that particular Commander.

Sway of Illusion, worth just 50 cents before its spike, is now selling for between $6-7 generally, but worse condition cards can be found for $4. This is a new spike, so numbers are really unstable at the moment. There are some outlier sales, but I personally wouldn’t buy any of these for more than $10 at the moment.

Should You Buy?

My honest advice with all of these spikes is to wait it out. All of these are based on a lot of hype surrounding new archetypes rising to prominence thanks to Modern Horizons 3. The hype will pass, and these cards will find a new price point. They likely won’t be as cheap as they were before the spikes, but they won’t be this expensive, at least they likely won’t.

There’s another element to this that may incentivize players to wait even more than usual. There’s a Pro Tour coming up this weekend. If your purchases are related to the Modern format, we highly advise you to wait until that event has come and gone before making big decisions. If either Nadu or Storm makes a big appearance at the Pro Tour, we could see cards get the banhammer the following week. This could seriously stir up the secondary market once again, and in a way where a lot of people lose a lot of value on their recently purchased cards.

Either way, it will be exciting to see just how things shake up following the monumental impact of Modern Horizons 3.

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