Check Out These Stunning New MTG Judge Academy Promos
11, Aug, 21

Check Out These Stunning New MTG Judge Academy Promos

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You have got to see these incredible new Judge Promos, especially if you play Commander.
Article at a Glance

Judge promos are some of the nicest and elegant MTG cards around, and they are rewarded to select Judges for their work to keep MTG play as strong as it can be.

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Judges are responsible for keeping your local MTG scene alive, and it’s good to acknowledge their efforts. Even if you are not a Judge, you can often acquire these promo cards through secondary markets, or through the Judges themselves.

Announced on Tuesday, the next batch of Judge promos are up and they’re absolutely stunning.

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The new September-December Judge Conference Promos are…

As seen on the @JudgeAcademy‘s Twitter, the new Judge promos are Morophon, the Boundless, and Zacama, Primal Calamity. The sheer presence of their names is enough to appreciate these cards, but the new artwork is incredible. With that, they’re really good as Commanders too.

Both Morophon, the Boundless and Zacama, Primal Calamity see extensive play in the popular singleton format, Commander. Often you see Morophon lead the charge in tribal-focused strategies since you can run all of the colors. With the amount of ramp available, it’s easy to deploy Morophon ahead of schedule and turn your creatures sideways. Modern Horizons 1 did plenty for Commander, and Morophon is one of the more in-demand cards from the set, especially at its mythic rarity.

Speaking of ramp, Zacama offers pseudo-ramp thanks to their enter the battlefield ability. Popular with heavy-Green or Dinosaur strategies, Zacama is a powerful Commander. You have the versatility to remove creatures, enchantments, or buff your life total out of danger. Since Rivals of Ixalan wasn’t too popular with players, the price of chase Mythics such as Zacama has risen over the last year. With the ongoing popularity of Commander, the Elder Dinosaur are in demand.

While these aren’t massively accessible reprints, they are a lovely option if you want to bling out your Commander. Going further, there will be an End of Year Celebration conference during the month of December. To incentivize Judges to organise their own events, there will be four brand new Judge promo cards for those who can attend. It’s exciting to think what promos will come next but either way, we’re sure they will be stunning as the last.

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