23, Jun, 21

Can We Get More Mutate Cards, Please?

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You want to break free from your physical form and grow extra arms and stuff, right? Well, mutate is the keyword for you, and we want more of it.
Article at a Glance

There are a lot of mechanics in MTG, just so many. A lot of them appear briefly in one set and then basically get forgotten about for a few years, and that can feel a bit rough if it’s something you think is really cool.

Of all of the mechanics we’ve seen in the last few years, one of the most entertaining has to be mutate. Mutate allows you to play God a little bit, and we all love doing that when the only possible side effects are having a ridiculous Creature in an MTG game.

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What is mutate, and why is it good?


Mutate was originally introduced in Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths. Well, that’s technically true, but it was actually first referenced in Unsanctioned, which launched a full two months prior to the set full of monstrous things, on a card called Surgeon General Commander, which is a Legendary Wombat Bat Chameleon that lets you draw a card whenever you augment, enchant, or mutate a Creature you control.

Mutate is pretty similar to bestow, but rather than buffing up a Creature to be a massive battlecruiser on its own, you’re generally aiming more to trigger as many effects as possible at once. It means that you want access to a lot of different mutate cards, and while there are 39 cards that have the word mutate on them, they’re across the spectrum of colors in MTG, which means no single Commander can contain them all, or at least not one that’s relevant.

The thing is, it’s a lot of fun to play with, as are many mechanics, but this one lets you make Creatures with more abilities than you’ve ever seen before, and you can just keep using them as many times as you have things to mutate, and that’s a huge laugh, especially when you’ve got recursion.

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Can we get more mutate cards, please?


So, the obvious answer to this is to deal with it. However, we can write about things they want, and apparently, much like 100-card Brawl decks, sometimes writing about these things makes them happen. With that in mind, can we get a few more mutate cards?

We’re not talking about loads, maybe ten more? One of them definitely needs to be a five color Changeling though, because we need to have one potential commander to use to head up the deck and allow us to use every other mutate card in MTG. It’s just more fun that way. We’d also just like a few more cards that do more peculiar things. Maybe one that lowers mutate costs, or can make copies of mutated Creatures or something.

Look, we’re not game designers, and we’re not claiming to be, but we do know that mutate is cool and we want more of it. So, consider this our way of putting that out into the universe in the vague hope that it comes true. We can only dream, and our dreams are filled with Nightmare Dinosaurs and stuff.

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