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Brewing Historic Enchantress With Jumpstart: Historic Horizons on MTG Arena

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We’re almost at the end of previews for Jumpstart: Historic Horizons, which is Magic Arena‘s newest Historic Only set. It’s aim is to bring a bunch of powerful Modern Horizons and Modern Horizons 2 cards into Historic, as well as leaning into the “digital only” aspect of Historic by introducing Arena only cards and mechanics. We’ve put out a bunch of deck lists that we’re excited to try out with the new cards, but one deck that recently got a lot of support previewed is Enchantress. Today we’ll be taking a look a couple of ways that we can build Enchantress in Historic.

Modern Enchantress

Modern Enchantress is a deck that came into mass popularity with the release of Historic Horizons 2. With the printing of Sythis, Harvest’s Hand, Sterling Grove, and Sanctum Weaver into Modern helped give enchantress the tools needed to contend with the rest of the field at the time. It’s goal is to play a bunch of cheap enchantments, play a Sanctum Weaver, and a Destiny Spinner, and create a few large land creatures to bash our opponent with. We have Sythis, Harvet’s Hand and Enchantress’s Presence to help us draw cards, and Sterling Grove to help us protest our enchantments. Our “player protection” comes in the form of Solitary Confinement, which gives us shroud and prevents damage that’d be dealt to us, but at a cost.

Historic Enchantress

The first version of Enchantress that we can look at is one that’s closely related to the Modern version. We play a few ramp style enchantments, some removal enchantments and our core package, and attempt to play a similar game plan as the Modern version. Our version of player protection is Solemnity and Nine Lives combo.

The second version of the deck is one that goes a bit more all in on the Nine Lives combo. This gives us the most consistency with being able to stick this combo and protect ourselves. If we get 2 Sterling Groves down, aside from mass enchantment destruction our combo can’t be disrupted. We still run the same style of win condition as before, but we have a bit less removal options.

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There’s assuredly more builds that we can do with these cards, but these are the two that I’ve been thinking about. How would you build Enchantress? Let us know in the comments!

Jumpstart: Historic Horizons is a Magic Arena only set. The set will be only legal for the Historic Format. It releases on August 12, 2021 on Magic Arena and contains 782 cards, comprised of 31 new Arena Only cards, and 751 reprints from Modern Horizons, Modern Horizons 2 and more. You can check out our preview gallery to stay up to date with all the cards!

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