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MTG Pro Tour Breakout Card Sees Huge Financial Uplift!

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As mentioned in our weekly financial roundup, the Pro Tour has just ended. As per usual, especially in an open format like Standard, innovations made at the top level have begun to cascade down the ranks. The card wasn’t quite spiking when we did our last roundup just a day after the Pro Tour concluded, but now that players have had some more time to digest the results, one March of the Machine card has seen a major uplift financially. The hottest card on the secondary market may be March of the Machine’s Breach the Multiverse!

Breach the Multiverse

breach the multiverse

Breach the Multiverse is a massive haymaker that thrives in grindy formats like Standard, Commander, and March of the Machine Limited. For seven mana, each player mills ten cards, then you get to reanimate a creature or Planeswalker for each player. The nature of this makes Breach The Multiverse a lot more devastating in Commander since you should acquire four different targets, but that’s not why this card is going up – at least initially.

Rakdos Breach, as it was coined during the Pro Tour, was a new take on the format’s most popular strategy. Played by MTG Pro Tour Phyrexia: All Will Be One champion Reid Duke and the rest of the ChannelFireball team, Rakdos Breach didn’t quite end up ‘breaching’ the top eight of the March of the Machine Pro Tour, but it did find itself within the top eight. Autumn Burchett piloted a unique Orzhov Midrange strategy that featured two of these in the main deck.

In terms of value, Breach the Multiverse has exploded onto the scene, going up to about $4 from its 50-cent value just a few weeks ago. Investors who took a look at this card will be happy since this is a 700% increase! Many Commander players aren’t surprised since the card is a powerhouse there, but current trends do suggest that the card is starting to stabilize. Pro Tour March of the Machine may have put this card on the map, but it’s the notice that the card is getting for its more suited Commander format that will likely drive the price past this point.

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Chandra, Hope’s Beacon

chandra, hope's beacon

We checked in on this card at the beginning of the week, but Chandra, Hope’s Beacon has continued to see small financial increases after we left off. Spiking from $2.50 to a high of $7 since the end of April, Chandra is now starting to see consistent sales around the $6 mark, with top-end sales beginning to reach $8.

Chandra synergizes exceptionally well with Breach the Multiverse. Not only can the aforementioned card reanimate Chandra, but Chandra can ramp, dig to and copy Breach the Multiverse. In Commander terms, this is the equivalent of reanimating eight targets from players’ graveyards, an instant board presence.

We won’t talk about Chandra too much since we already discussed her at the beginning of the week, but this is another breakout card from the Pro Tour that has been gaining financial value.

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Faerie Mastermind

Faerie Mastermind did make a top eight Pro Tour appearance in the March of the Machine Pro Tour, but its financial increases likely come from other avenues. Yiwen Chen top-eighted the event with Azorious Soldiers, one of the few non-Rakdos strategies that performed well at the tournament. This archetype wants to get under the Rakdos archetype while holding up permissive spells to shut down some of the format’s most prevalent cards in a clean way, like Fable of the Mirror-Breaker.

Faerie Mastermind is doing much more than just top-eighting a Pro Tour. The card has also allowed a new archetype to rise to power in the Pioneer format in the form of Dimir Rogues. It’s also a promising new candidate for Legacy strategies that want to punish the abhorrent amount of cantrips present in the metagame and has already topped some massive tournaments. Even past all this is the fact that the card is a candidate for the best Commander card in the entire March of the Machine set.

A card this powerful doesn’t go under the radar too often, so Faerie Mastermind had a decent secondary market price out of the gate. Worth $20 during prerelease season, the inflated price dropped as it usually does, hitting a nadir of a bit under $7 nearing the end of April. The card has rebounded over the past few weeks selling for around $12 on average right now. The card does seem to have a slight uptick in value as a result of the Pro Tour directly, but it’s tough to say whether this means the card will continue to go up in the near future. That said, I do expect this card to be worth more than it is now at some point.

Etali, Primal Conqueror

While Breach the Multiverse stole the show in terms of percentage-based increases, Etali, Primal Conqueror is also seeing a financial uptick after its very strong performance at the Pro Tour. A part of many different strategies, including Rakdos Breach, Rakdos Reanimator, many Rakdos midrange builds (but not the one that dominated the tournament), and the Five-Color Ramp strategy piloted by David Olsen, Etali has shown up in full force as one of the best things to be doing in Standard’s lategame. The card is also fantastic in Commander, unlocking some bizarre potential two-card kill combos.

Like Faerie Mastermind, Etali, Primal Conqueror hit a bit of a Nadir near the end of April, worth about $4. The card has since jumped up to about $8 in price as a result of its Pro Tour showing, but the card is selling for varying amounts. You can find Etali for as little as $5, but foil copies of the card have also sold for $30 on the day this article was written (this is a big outlier). If you’re looking for a foil Etali, paying a bit above market average for one is reasonable.

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