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10, Jul, 24

New Bloomburrow Promos Include Textless Eternal Powerhouse

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Bloomburrow preview season is upon us, and dazzling new cards are flying at us left and right. Spoilers are exciting enough, but we’re also seeing information on the set’s story and even a brand-new type of booster pack. It’s a lot to take in, even for an established player. Amid all this chaos, the Bloomburrow event promos for the season were also announced.

You could very easily have missed this with all the excitement going on. That said, you’d be wise to take notice. All three of these new promos are absolute bangers, with one in particular having the potential to be very pricey indeed.

Commander Party – Heirloom Blade


We’ll start things off with Heirloom Blade, the promo card for Bloomburrow Commander Party events. This is a stellar typal support card from way back in Commander 2017, and it’s been printed in a range of other Commander products since. As a three mana Equipment that equips for one mana and grants +3/+1, it’s deeply unremarkable. Where it shines is in its ability to draw a card that matches the type of the equipped creature upon its death.

This gives any typal deck that wants it a powerful and reliable draw engine, at a very affordable price. Unsurprisingly, the card is a true-blue staple in Commander for that reason. Despite this, it remains very affordable. You can pick up copies for around $0.10-0.20 in most cases unless you’re feeling fancy and plump for the $27 Secret Lair version. This new version features the divisive Retro Frame treatment, which doesn’t typically raise the value of the cards it’s attached to. That said, the innate scarcity of event cards may push it into the $3-5 range.

With so much typal goodness coming in Bloomburrow, there’s never been a better time to own an Heirloom Blade, especially if you’re a Commander player. It makes sense, then, that you can get your hands on one of these promos by taking part in a Bloomburrow Commander Party event at your LGS. This is a special Commander night with additional rules based on the story of Bloomburrow. Simply participating will be enough to earn you an Heirloom Blade. There will be two of these events per store, one between the 16th and 22nd of August, and one between the 6th and 12th of September. Check with your LGS for specific times and dates in your area.

Store Championship – Shark Typhoon And Urza’s Saga


Now onto the real spicy stuff. Casual Commander promos are all well and good, but we all know WotC saves the big guns for Store Championships. That’s certainly the case here, as we get not one but two eternal-playable cards as the picks. The first of these is Shark Typhoon.

While certainly meme-y in concept, the card has proven itself a stalwart in Pioneer, where it serves as a finisher in Control and Combo decks alike. The card currently sits at around $5, and this fancy new extended art version could easily go for double that.

The other Store Championship promo is a real doozy. The legendary Urza’s Saga, one of the most powerful and widely used cards in recent memory, is receiving a textless version. This is both hilarious, as Urza’s Saga is one of the most complex cards in Magic history, and fitting, as the grand new pictograph art feels appropriate for a card of this stature.

Urza’s Saga is played everywhere from Commander to Vintage and sits at around $50 as a result. This new version, based on past Store Championship textless cards like Dauthi Voidwalker, will definitely be worth at least $100, and more likely $150+.

If you want to snag these beauties for yourself, you’ll need to get on down to your local Bloomburrow Store Championship event. This will take place between August 24th and September 15th and will be a competitive Standard event. The top eight players will get a Shark Typhoon, while the winner will get an Urza’s Saga. You’ll need to sharpen your skills if you want that Saga, then.

Store Championship Participation – Monastery Swiftspear

But wait, there’s more! As is Store Championship tradition, you don’t actually need to place in the event at all to get a nice promo out of it. Every Store Championship has a Participation Promo, and Bloomburrow’s is no different. Every player who takes part in the Bloomburrow Store Championship event at their LGS will receive a lovely extended art version of Monastery Swiftspear.

As Promos go, this is a fantastic pick on WotC’s part. Monastery Swiftspear is one of the best Mono-Red Aggro cards ever printed and sees play in pretty much every version of the deck where it’s legal. Modern? Yup. Pioneer? Indeed. Current Standard? Absolutely. The card is a real powerhouse, whose price is only kept low thanks to repeat reprints.

You can typically pick Swiftspear up for around $1. Fancier versions, like the Retro Frame and Secret Lair printings, go for around $3 and $13, respectively. This new promo will probably land somewhere in the middle. As a Participation Promo, it will be much less rare than Saga and Typhoon. It will still be rarer than the regular printings, though, and Swiftspear definitely has the demand to raise the price if this version is popular.

All of these Bloomburrow event promos are excellent picks and fine rewards for engaging with your local Magic community.

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