26, Nov, 21

Black Friday Deals LIVE: MASSIVE Savings on MTG Booster Boxes, Commander Decks, and More!

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Deals for the Black Friday event are under way!
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MTG Black Friday Deals are now LIVE!

Black Friday may be a little while away yet, but that hasn’t stopped deals dropping in the US to get you warmed up for the big event!

Expect more deals to come through as we get closer to Black Friday, we’ll update this list as more amazing deals come into the fold.

Our Deal Of The Day – Save 12% on MTG Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Collector Booster Box!

These MTG Collector Booster Boxes are the most high-end product you can purchase from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. It comes with a bunch of foil cards, alternative frames, and unique art which is perfect for any card collector.

Innistrad Midnight Hunt comes with a myriad of gorgeously-framed cards that can bling out your favorite Commander deck, or that pet deck you just want to give some love to! The set introduced Eternal Night frame cards, which give Legendary Creatures that gothic horror monochromatic look. As usual, you also have the Equinox Frame which is given to the double-faced cards such as Arlin, the Pack’s Hope.

You do get 12 boosters in a box which may seem less than the Draft and Set boosters, but you are expected to open higher value, foil, and exotic cards instead. If you’re a collector of stunning foil MTG cards, then this Collector Booster Box is for you.

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