28, Feb, 22

Best Starter Commanders - Brago, King Eternal

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Just get more value out of your deck by simply having everything come back constantly.
Article at a Glance

Entering the battlefield is something that’s become increasingly potent in recent years in MTG. It’s no longer something that creatures just do, as they tend to enter with a bang.

It means that flickering creatures is more beneficial than ever before, and it means that looking into flickering them, or blinking them, in Commander can be obnoxiously powerful.

Meet your commander

Brago, King Eternal is a four-mana blue and white 2/4 with flying that reads “Whenever Brago, King Eternal deals combat damage to a player, exile any number of target nonland permanents you control, then return those cards to the battlefield under their owner’s control.”

Basically, as long as you can get Brago to hit someone else, you get to flicker as many of your nonland permanents as you’d like, and either take advantage of their enter the battlefield triggers, or just enjoy the fact that they’re now untapped following a big old attack.

It’s also a huge amount of fun, and along with being powerful on a base level, is also something you can completely abuse to generate more value than any single opponent can actually deal with.

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The best creatures for Brago

First up, other ways to flicker your creatures, and also benefit from doing so, are a huge part of what makes Brago so dangerous. To that end, Soulherder is an essential part of any flicker deck because they help you flicker things, and they get really big really quickly.

You’ve then got the cards that you actually want to flicker. Reflector Mage is going to help you stop everyone in their tracks by simply not allowing them to play creatures anymore. Cloudblazer is perfect if you’re looking for a bit of life and card draw. Then you’ve got Sun Titan, which can allow you to recollect a bunch of your cards from the graveyard with ease.

Finally, we really like silly infinite combos, and if you put Peregrine Drake, Deadeye Navigator, and Thought-Knot Seer on the battlefield at the same time, you can effectively make every other opponent draw their entire decks and then lose the game. It’s not fair, for them, but it is funny.

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The best support cards for Brago

Disorder in the Court and Eerie Interlude are part of a collection of cards that’ll help you protect your cards at instant speed. This is great for avoiding board wipes, and we’re a big fan of doing that for fairly obvious reasons.

You’ve then got engines like Conjurer’s Closet and Teleportation Circle. While only exiling things once a turn isn’t inherently broken, it does lead to plenty of seemingly fair ways to get more triggers going for you, or simply to reset the position of any powerful cards that you’re worried about needing to block with.

Then you’ve got absurd cards like Spine of Ish Sah and Meteor Golem. While they’re pricey, the ability to constantly flicker them in order to take out whatever you need removing is huge. When you throw all of this together you end up with a deck that is incredibly flexible, surprisingly resilient, and ultimately very powerful. Who could ask for more?

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