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16, Apr, 22

Best MTG Streets of New Capenna Cards For Commander

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We’re through the full Streets of New Capenna preview season and we’ve seen some incredible cards in the set! While the set will absolutely affect formats like Standard and Pioneer, Commander is at the front of mind for many players. Well today, we’ll look at our top 5 picks for Commander from the set.

Honorable Mentions

As for our honorable mentions, there is a cycle of cards that are fairly easy picks, so we’ll mention them here but there is another true Honorable mention.

The new Triome Cycle of lands are not the most flashy, but ultimately they add to the diversity of mana for 3+ color decks. Since they’re fetchable, they’re nice replacements for the Shards tri-color lands.

But the true honorable mention here is Soul of Emancipation.

Wizards of the Coast

Soul of Emancipation is one of the new big stompy creatures in the set that often finds homes in many a green based deck. Terastodon is an old equivalent to this card, but this updated version is a little bit better and worse. While it can’t hit lands, the creature tokens that are created fly, so there is that trade off. Also Soul has a weaker stat line but is a little bit cheaper.

But let’s crack into our true top 5, because these cards are great!

5. Wiretapping

Wizards of the Coast

Hideaway returns to the game once more, and this time, it’s in the form of a cycle of Enchantments. The blue one, Wiretapping, is a fantastic commander card. It draws you an extra card each turn, and if you have 9 cards in your hand, you can cast the hidden card. Now in commander, there are many ways for you to draw a bunch of cards and have no hand size limit. This ultimately is just free card draw every turn and a free spell, and when you have 100 cards, this is very helpful.

4. Professional Face-Breaker

Wizards of the Coast

Coming in at Number 4, we have Professional Face-Breaker. A fairly small creature but one that can generate a ton of value for you if you keep it around. If a creature connects with an opponent, you make a treasure token. Then you can sacrifice a treasure, and exile the top card of your deck and play it. While this may seem like a nice source of card advantage for aggressive red decks, it’s much more.

If you combo this card with other major treasure generating sources like Dockside Extortionist and another card higher up on our list, you can start to weave a tale of cracking all of your treasures to exile your whole library and win with a win condition such as Thass’s Oracle or Laboratory Maniac.

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3. Vivien on the Hunt

Wizards of the Coast

Number 3 is Vivien on the Hunt. This powerful planeswalker has some incredible potential for Green decks. It’s a Birthing Pod, a Graveyard enabler, and a token producer all in one, what’s not to love here.

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2. Arcane Bombardment

Wizards of the Coast

Number 2 on the list is Arcane Bombardment. Spellslinger decks are often some of the most powerful in the game. With Arcane Bombardment, you can really stack up your powerful spells and “bombard” your opponents with an onslaught of magic. This also helps enable Storm cards as killing blows.

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1. Bootleggers’ Stash

Wizards of the Coast

Last, but certainly not least we have what might be the most nutty card in the entire set, Bootleggers’ Stash. An artifact that turns your lands into Treasure producing machines is pretty insane. We’ve talked at length about the potential of this card, but this card can enable a few of different instant win condition cards, and synergizes really well with a lot. If there was any card that I’d pick up for your green decks, it’s this one.

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