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Azorius Spirits Get Ghostly Gains From MTG Crimson Vow

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Crimson Vow is finally here! With the new set comes one of the best spirits we’ve seen from our Innistrad sets this year and could see competitive play.

Spirits are one of my favorite tribes in Magic: the Gathering. So, I was excited for this year’s Innistrad sets because the plane has brought us some great spirits in the past like Spell Queller and Rattlechains. While I was a bit disappointed in the spirits that Midnight Hunt introduced to us, I am much more optimistic about Innistrad: Crimson Vow because this card was spoiled today:

Dorothea, Vengeful Victim // Dorothea’s Retribution

A 2 mana 4/4 flyer is a massive stat-stick! Yes, it sacrifices itself when it engages in combat, but with those stats, Dorothea is likely to either take out an opposing creature with her, or attack for a burst of damage. Later, you can attach Dorothea’s Retribution to another of your flying spirits, and start applying serious pressure via the enchantment half of the card.

Dorothea is an aggressive spirit card, giving me some Geist of Saint Traft vibes. While I don’t think this is on the same power level as Geist, I do think it could be a worthwhile inclusion in some spirit decks, especially in Pioneer.

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Spirits in Pioneer

Spirits are a serious deck in the Pioneer format and I think a perfect home for Dorothea, Vengeful Victim. I’d definitely add her to our Best Upgrades for Azorius Spirits Pioneer Challenger Deck, with 1-2 copies of her for the deck.

Wizards of the Coast

The most enticing part about the creature half of Dorothea is that spirits like Rattlechains allow us to play her at instant speed. An instant speed 4/4 blocker will definitely catch your opponents off guard. To lean into the instant speed game plan even further, Pioneer Spirit decks are splashing green for Collected Company.

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Collected Company & Friends

Casting a Collected Company and hitting Empyrean Eagle and Dorothea is putting 7 power into play! That kind of power will close out games.

So long as we’re playing Collected Company, we should play one of the most powerful spirits printed in a long time, Skyclave Apparition. This adds to our arsenal of instant speed tricks, as we can remove our opponents’ permanents in tricky situations.

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Bant Spirits

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