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Amusing Secret Lair Bonus Card Offers Fantastic Flavor and Dismal Value

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Back on May 13, the Secret Lair Spring Superdrop 2024 went live. This Superdrop in particular featured a lot of unique products for players to purchase. Unfortunately, some of the coolest options, such as the MTG Hatsune Miku crossover, sold out in a matter of hours.

However, there are a handful of sweet Secret Lairs that are still on sale right now. Within the next 36 hours, even these Secret Lairs will no longer be on sale. So, if you’re looking to get your hands on some amusing designs, now’s your chance!

Of the remaining Secret Lairs, my pick for the funniest is definitely the Golbingram Secret Lair. Not only does this collection come with sweet, pricy reprints like Goblin Welder, but every card’s art and style are centered around a funky social media theme.

Even though the Secret Lair is still available for purchase, it appears as though the associated bonus card has already been confirmed. In this case, the bonus card isn’t much of a surprise. Nonetheless, it is extremely flavorful and worth taking a look at.

Predictable but Flavorful

Thrun, the Last Troll

As is the case with every Secret Lair, the Goblingram Secret Lair comes equipped with a bonus card in addition to the cards advertised. Unlike the rest of the reprints featured in each product, these cards are kept a mystery until players actually receive their Secret Lairs. In some instances, these bonus cards are rather thematic. The Goblingram Secret Lair is no exception, as Thrun, the Last Troll makes an appearance as the bonus card of choice.

Goblin Ringleader | Goblin Welder

Prior to players opening their Goblingram Secret Lairs, multiple signs pointed towards Thrun’s inclusion. First and foremost, Thrun, the Last Troll is showcased on every Golbingram reprint in what clearly resembles the comment section of each “post.” Thrun may not be a Goblin like the rest of the gang, but he does a pretty good job of living up to his Troll identity.

See, all of Thrun’s comments give off major internet-troll vibes. Not only that, but Thrun manages to highlight the final comment associated with each card, further cementing himself as “The Last Troll.” Funnily enough, the text on Thrun’s bonus card plays into these themes even more.

Thrun’s whole joke in the world of MTG is that it is extremely difficult to deal with. You can’t counter it, and once it’s in play, you can’t kill it with targeted removal spells. If you have Day of Judgment at the ready, the opponent can always pay two mana to Regenerate Thrun.

The bonus card’s design feeds off of these ideas. Thrun’s comments suggest that, despite efforts to ban his account, Thrun is back with a vengeance. His trolling simply can’t be stopped, similar to his play patterns in MTG.

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Weak Financial Value

Unfortunately, for those hoping for a super pricy bonus card, you may be disappointed. Thrun, the Last Troll has only appeared in Mirrodin Besieged and on The List, but that hasn’t stopped the card from holding little reprint value whatsoever. Thrun currently sits at under $1 in its cheapest traditional form.

Overall, most bonus cards aren’t worth that much to begin with. There are certainly exceptions, such as the rarer Persistent Petitioners variants. Most bonus cards though, especially those that specifically resemble the art or style of their respective Secret Lairs, don’t go for much money. For example, the Just Add Milk: Second Helpings Secret Lair featured Coveted Jewel as the bonus card. Coveted Jewel finally boasts alternate art, but still sits under $1 itself.

However, Coveted Jewel has proven itself to be a really sweet Commander card. It’s also a Vintage staple that players can turbo out with broken fast mana and Grim Monolith. Thrun, on the other hand, sees minimal play anywhere. It used to be a decent sideboard card for Modern Jund decks in grindy matchups, but it’s a bit outdated at this point. With this in mind, it’s obvious that the card was included for flavor reasons over anything else.

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Player Reaction

Brash Taunter | Goblin Cheiftain

Ultimately, while Thrun isn’t the most exciting Secret Lair bonus card from a financial standpoint, many players appreciated how meme worthy the card is. Some players found small details, such as the cracks throughout Thrun’s image resembling a broken phone screen, very appealing. Likewise, players appreciated Thrun’s creation of new accounts and how the action closely links to regeneration.

Seeing Thrun appear as the bonus card is not at all shocking. Regardless, it’s a cool addition for anyone that enjoys the style of the Goblingram Secret Lair overall. If you’re a fan, remember this is your last window to purchase the Golbingram Secret Lair on sale!

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