25, Feb, 22

Broken Modern Combo Deck Gets Major Buff From Neon Dynasty

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Article at a Glance

Depending on who you ask, Amulet Titan is one of the Boogey Monsters of the Modern format. This is an understandable sentiment, as the deck revolves around an explosive combo that can win the game as early as the second turn.

But Amulet Titan just got even stronger with a new inclusion from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. Now the deck is climbing up the ranks of the Modern metagame and turning into an unstoppable force.

What is Amulet Titan?

Amulet Titan is named after its two namesake cards, Amulet of Vigor and Primeval Titan and aims to ramp out Primeval Titan at ridiculous speeds.

Amulet of Vigor synergizes with “bounce lands” such as Simic Growth Chamber. These lands produce two mana but come with the downsides of entering the battlefield tapped and returning (bouncing) another land you control back to your hand. However, when paired with Amulet of Vigor and cards like Azusa, Lost But Seeking, you can play multiple, untapped Simic Growth Chambers in a single turn to ramp out Titan.

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How Does Amulet Titan Win the Game?

Casting an early Primeval Titan is often enough to win games. It’s a 6/6 creature with trample, which gives your opponent about three turns to win (given they play a fetch or shock land).

But you can turn up the pressure by giving your Titan haste with Slayers’ Stronghold and double strike with Sunhome Fortress.

With a very specific set of cards, including two Amulet of Vigor’s, you can play a Titan on Turn 2, activate Slayers’ Stronghold twice and Sunhome Fortress once, to kill your opponent with a 10/10 double striking Primeval Titan.

As a backup win condition, Amulet Titan will utilize Dryad of the Ilysian Grove to give all your lands a Mountain subtype and kill people with Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle.

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Recent Additions to the Deck

Amulet Titan received several new additions in 2021 that made the deck more consistent and more powerful. Urza’s Saga can put Amulet of Vigor directly from your deck onto the battlefield. And Cultivator Colossus serves as a backup Titan that can put a chunk of lands into play and refill your hand with spells.

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What Does The Deck Gain From Neon Dynasty?

With all the utility lands in Amulet Titan like Simic Growth Chamber, Urza’s Saga, and Castle Garrenbrig, you can imagine Blood Moon to be this deck’s worst nightmare.

But thanks to Neon Dynasty, Amulet Titan now has access to Boseiju, Who Endures, a land that can remove opposing Blood Moons with its channel ability.

Boseiju shores up one of Amulet Titan’s biggest weaknesses while also dealing with many more popular cards in the Modern format like Colossal Hammer, Spreading Seas, opposing and Urza’s Saga.

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