15, Dec, 21

Alert: Last Day to Order Cards For Christmas From TCGPlayer

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If you’re looking to pick up some cards from TCGPlayer for Christmas, then today is the last day to do so! TCGPlayer just sent out an email that stated that today’s the last day to order cards where you can get them before Christmas. If you order after today, there’s a high likelihood that you won’t get them in time. If you’re not sure what cards to pick up, but you want to get some, here’s some of our recommendations!

Innistrad: Crimson Vow Commander Precons

First up is a pretty nice easy entry into the game, the Innistrad: Crimson Vow commander precon decks. These are great ways to get a friend or family member into Magic, and are pretty sweet decks even for veteran players. This is the set of 2, which can be had for around $60 USD.

Cabal Coffers

Wizards of the Coast

The next few cards are also going to be commander focused. First up for single cards is Cabal Coffers. Lands are generally great pick ups for commander players. They offer a lot of versatility for many decks, and often these are the priciest pieces of the deck. Luckily, Cabal Coffers has come down in price a bit to around $18 for the normal version, and around $40 for the alternate art.

Esper Sentinel

Esper Sentinel
Wizards of the Coast

Next up is Esper Sentinel. This powerful creature brings all the pleasure and pain of Rhystic Study and then some. This card is an all star in commander, but also has sees a bunch of play in Modern as well. I expect that this card could go up in price in the next year, so now’s a great time to get in on it.

Enemy Fetch Lands

Fetch Lands are always a hot button item for Magic players, and until recently, they’ve been VERY expensive. Luckily, they’re still sitting at all time lows, so these are a must buy. If they do what they’ve done in the past, they’re only going to get more expensive.

Other Commander Staples

Next up, we’d recommend just generally good commander staples. A few solid ones that we’d recommend here are Cyclonic Rift, Demonic Tutor, and Smothering Tithe. These cards are highly played in the commander format, and can be great upgrades for every deck.

Holiday Buyer’s Guide

If none of these interest you, We’d recommend checking out our Holiday Buyer’s Guide to get some other ideas for things to pick up. We talk about everything from deck boxes to sleeves there, so definitely check it out!

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