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5 Things To Do When A New Magic: the Gathering Set Releases On Magic Arena

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When a new Magic: the Gathering set releases on Magic Arena, it may feel like a daunting task to try to efficiently acquire cards from the new set, especially if you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on packs. We’ve come up with 5 things you should be doing when a new set releases on Magic Arena to be able to build your collection!

5. Follow Preview Season

AFR Spoilers

Following Preview season may sound like a give me, but it’s definitely something that can help in deciding which rares and mythics you’re going to craft. Whether your aim is to be competitive or just to find some really fun cards to build around, knowing what’s coming will help. You can always check our Preview Gallery to stay up to date with all of the new cards that are announced.

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4. Consider Purchasing the Preorder Bundles

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Pre Order Bundles

I would always recommend considering the preorder bundles when they are announced. This is going to be your most cost effective paid option for getting new packs for when the set comes out. Additionally, the Mastery Pass bundle generally pays itself off in value fairly quickly, and you also get free draft tokens to go along with it. Cosmetics aside, these are usually pretty great values.

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3. Bank Gold Leading Up to Set Release


The one thing that’s relatively easy to do on Magic Arena is to earn gold. Daily and weekly quests are usually pretty rewarding in gold gains, so definitely look to start banking gold right around the time Preview Season starts, or even before. This can net you around 25-30 additional packs that you can buy when the set releases. Just try not to spend your gold on cosmetics, and you’ll be sitting with a nice stash for packs.

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2. Spend excess Common and Uncommon Wild Cards BEFORE Opening Packs

Magic Arena Vault Progress

Before you open any packs of a new set, consider using some excess common and uncommon wild cards to craft playsets of cards from the new set. This can be just going down the line, or targeting very specific ones. This is to optimize your Vault progress when you go to open up your new packs. Ideally you’ll have a Vault ready to roll mid pack cracking session and you can start crafting some new cards from there.

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1. Draft, Draft, Draft!

Strixhaven Quick Draft Screen on Magic Arena

If you enjoy limited, then definitely look to do drafts after you crack your packs, but before you craft anything from a new set. Drafting can be a very rewarding in both cards and currency, and can be a great way to snag some specific cards. I wouldn’t recommend just rare drafting though, definitely try to put together a solid deck and play out the draft to maximize rewards.

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Hopefully these tips help you with future sets on Arena come out. If you have other tips we didn’t mention, let us know about them in the comments!

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