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5 Modern Horizons 3 Infinite Combos in Commander!

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Modern Horizons 3 has been completely revealed, and it’s clear that the set is not simply intended for Modern and Legacy players. There is a massive Commander release accompanying Modern Horizons 3, ensuring that Commander players don’t get to miss out on the fun. Considering how popular this format is, it’s not shocking that Wizards of the Coast would spend some effort catering to it.

One of the more exciting things with any new set of cards is the series of infinite combos they can enable in Commander. Modern Horizons 3 is no exception, releasing some insanely powerful cards into the format. Let’s take a look at some powerful infinite combos involving new Modern Horizons 3 cards!

We have Commander Spellbook to thank for these combos. If you want to find more, be sure to check them out.

Echoes of Eternity

Echoes of Eternity is a powerful boon for any colorless deck that can abuse its various abilities. Yes, this is mostly going to be used in Colorless or Devoid Commander decks, but Echoes of Eternity is also proficient at doubling land effects since those are also colorless.

Echoes of Eternity goes infinite with Omarthis, Ghostfire Initiate as long as the Legend rule can be ignored. Thankfully, doing this in Commander is actually fairly easy thanks to cards like Mirror Box. Once one of these effects is in play, you can finally start this infinite combo proper.

To trigger this combo, all you have to do is have Echoes of Eternity in play before you cast Omarthis, Ghostfire Initiate. When you do this, you’ll get a copy of Omarthis for free. Since both of these Omarthis’ enter with +1/+1 counters on them, their second ability will activate, allowing you to create another +1/+1 counter.

Since one Omarthis will trigger off the other, this three-card combo allows you to create two infinitely large Omarthis, Ghostfire Initiates. Thankfully, stopping this combo isn’t even difficult, since their second abilities are may abilities.

Eldrazi Confluence

Eldrazi Confluence easily creates infinite combos with a series of different cards as long as there’s a nonland permanent to flicker when you cast it. Eldrazi Confluence goes infinite with any permanent that can copy it on entry as long as you choose your initial modes correctly.

Cards like Naru Meha, Master Wizard and Dualcaster Mage will go infinite with Eldrazi Confluence. In order to do this, when initially casting the spell, you need to be able to flicker something. Choose your modes in a way that you can flicker your Dualcaster Mage or Naru Meha with copied spells. Choosing the first mode can also be dangerous since you’ll end up having to target your own creatures at some point. Here’s how it works:

  • Cast your Eldrazi Confluence choosing the second mode at least once.
  • Before the spell resolves, cast Dualcaster Mage or Naru Meha, Master Wizard and make a copy of Eldrazi Confluence.
  • Target either Dualcaster Mage or Naru Meha with the flicker effect from the copied Eldrazi Confluence.
  • Copy Eldrazi Confluence again when Naru Meha or Dualcaster Mage re-enters the battlefield.
  • Repeat steps three and four infinitely.

This is a rather powerful two-card combo that can create an infinite number of Eldrazi Scions, creating infinite mana in the process. You can also wipe the board with Eldrazi Confluence this way, but your combo will eventually end when you run out of targets for the first ability.

Primal Prayers

Many of the new Modern Horizons 3 cards are ‘fixed’ versions of some older overpowered cards. Primal Prayers is one of these. There are some obvious similarities between this and Aluren, but Primal Prayers is limited by an Energy clause.

That said, the uniqueness of Primal Prayers does allow for a two-card infinite combo alongside Greenbelt Rampager.

Thanks to the unique energy cost of Greenbelt Rampager, this card can be cast an infinite number of times. This will only happen, however, if Primal Prayers is your own source of Energy counters. Should this be the case, you’ll never have enough Energy to pay the additional cost of Greenbelt Rampager.

If you can’t pay the additional two Energy cost, Greenbelt Rampager will be returned to your hand and you get an Energy Counter. This Energy Counter can then be used to pay their mana cost via Primal Prayers, leaving you with one Energy. Since this isn’t enough to pay Greenbelt Rampager’s additional cost, they’ll return to your hand once again.

This handy two-card combo will allow you to get infinite ETB (enter the battlefield) and LTB (leave the battlefield triggers). On its own, this combo is little more than a party trick, however, there are countless cards that can utilize these triggers.

Siege-Gang Lieutenant

Siege-Gang Lieutenant, honestly, may look pretty unimposing. The card does provide a decent amount of value over time if you have your Commander out, but for four mana, this isn’t too impressive outside of very specific situations.

One of those situations is when Breath of Fury is involved. As long as you have a way to continually create creatures in combat, this card turns into a death sentence for your opponents.

As long as you have a way to connect with an opponent, Breath of Fury can go infinite alongside Siege-Gang Lieutenant. While you do need your Commander in play to make this combo work, it’s deadly efficiency is definitely worthwhile. Provided your opponents don’t have relevant blockers, this combo can win you the game outright.

If you quite like the sounds of this game-winning four-card combo, here’s what you’ll need to do.

  • Firstly, attach Breath of Fury to a creature that’s not Siege-Gang Lieutenant or your Commander.
  • Once combat begins, Siege-Gang Lieutenant will create two 1/1 Goblin tokens with Haste.
  • Attack with the enchanted creature and connect to deal combat damage to a player.
  • Breath of Fury will untap all your creatures, sacrifice the enchanted creature, and provide an additional combat step.
  • Reattach Breath of Fury to one of the 1/1 Goblin tokens and begin the new combat step.

In theory, while this combo does require some setup, it is incredibly deadly. that being said it’s hardly guaranteed. If your opponent simply blocks the creature equipped with Breath of Fury, you won’t get anything. Ultimately, the chances of your three opponents have no available blockers is incredibly unlikely, albeit not impossible.

Aggressive Biomancy

Aggressive Biomancy doesn’t really have an infinite combo, but it does have a ‘win the game’ combo. The name of this card ironically gives away the other member of the combo: Biovisionary.

All you need to do is pay eight mana to create three copies of Biovisionary, winning the game on your endstep. Notably, you don’t need to fight with copies created via Aggressive Biomancy, which is a good thing in this spot.

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