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$40 LOTR Card Repeatedly Missing from Major MTG Product!

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Given the hype around the Lord of the Rings set, it’s safe to assume that a lot of people ordered regular Bundles and Gift Bundles alike. While there was some speculation that the Gift Bundle might be a good spot for the serialized copy of The One Ring to be packaged in, that unique card has already been found and was not in a Gift Bundle. This does detract the biggest pull from the Bundles, but its hardly everything these kits have to offer thanks to each Gift Bundle containing one copy of the most expensive card in the entire set.

Given the One Ring’s immense presence in various competitive formats, the card is highly sought after. While promo cards in Bundles typically aren’t worth much money, the One Ring is in such high demand that it still holds a hefty price tag. This makes these Lord of the Rings Bundles hot commodities, as they are all guaranteed to contain a copy… or so we thought.

Unfortunately, there have been multiple cases already of the One Ring not appearing as one of the four guaranteed promos in these Bundles. Considering that this is one of the biggest pulls to the Bundle product, it goes without saying that the main attraction going missing is a concern to many players.

As expected, players are not happy. The One Ring is an important piece of these Bundles for those that bought them, so let’s take a look at what a Lord of the Rings Bundle is set to offer.

LOTR Bundle Contents

Frodo, Sauron's Bane

Lord of the Rings Bundles each come with a variety of cool LOTR MTG products. First, each Bundle comes with eight set booster packs. These packs are the bread and butter of Bundles in each set. Alongside these packs, each player receives 40 basic Lands. 20 of these Lands are foil, 20 are non-foil. Finally, each Bundle contains a Spindown life counter, a card storage box, two reference cards, and the four foil, alternate art card to top it all off.

These four foil, alternate art cards are the same in each Bundle, and are as follows: Frodo, Sauron’s Bane, Samwise the Stouthearted, Gollum, Patient Plotter, and The One Ring. These cards were specifically chosen to highlight the iconic scene from Mount Doom. Both the regular and Gift Bundles have all of these contents.

Gift Bundles do come with a bit extra. Instead of a regular storage box, Gift Bundles contain a foil storage box. Most notably though, Gift Bundles also come with a Collector Booster pack of LOTR, hence the speculation about the serialized copy of the One Ring being in a Gift Bundle. These are minor differences still, and importantly, all Bundles are supposed to come with the four promo cards mentioned. However, there appears to be some issues regarding these promos.

This, of course, means the Gift Bundles will generally cost a little bit more than the normal ones. While the price difference between these Bundles was absolutely disgusting thanks to major speculation that The One Ring would be found in a Gift Bundle, that difference has been reigned in a fair bit after The One Ring was announced to be found.

According to TCGplayer, Gift Bundles are generally selling for about $110, which is, more or less, $20 more than the normal Bundles. Considering the price of a Collector Booster, this checks out. That said, the most valuable portion of either of these Bundles is indeed The One Ring, so finding them missing can be rather devastating.

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Missing the One Ring?

There have unfortunately been complaints about specifically the One Ring not appearing in the promos in players’ Bundles. Instead, as the picture shows, the slot where the One Ring is supposed to be instead contains a second copy of Frodo instead. Unsurprisingly, this is the highlight card that most players care the most about from their Bundles.

In fact, given that the One Ring is the most expensive card in the set, it’s safe to say that it’s a big part of the appeal of obtaining Bundles in the first place. While it may appear to be just a coincidence that the One Ring is the specific card missing, rather than one of the cheaper cards, this seems to be a recurring problem.

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This Can be Fixed

Not only have multiple different Reddit posts highlighted this issue of the One Ring being missing from Bundles, but Frodo also seems to be a common replacement. This isn’t a guaranteed issue with the Bundles, but does appear to be more widespread than a one-off error.

Like any other situation where one receives a product with an accidental mistake like this one, contacting Wizards of the Coast is the best thing you can do. As long as you provide proof that your product did not come as expected, you should have no issues receiving another copy of The One Ring. Do note that it will likely take some time to make this happen.

Not a Guaranteed Issue

As mentioned, even though this issue has happened to multiple players, lots of players have received their Bundles correctly. This does suggest that a non-insignificant amount of Bundles are affected by the error, but it may not be as widespread as players expect. Once again, if you’re the unfortunate recipient of this error, just contact Wizards Customer Service and they should get things squared away.

The One Ring is a super powerful and immensely popular card, and it’s understandable why players would be outraged if they received one of these Bundles with the chase card missing. Even though the foil, borderless version of the One Ring is over $15 less than the original, non-foil version (due to the massive supply of foil borderless copies of the One Ring set to appear in every Bundle), they still hold a nearly $40 price tag. This is significant, especially compared to the other three promo cards featured in Bundles that are all under one dollar. Hopefully this issue gets fixed soon and players receive the correct product.

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