17, Jun, 21

3 New Secret Lair Drops Announced In Up Coming Magic: the Gathering Super Drop

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Article at a Glance

Three new Secret Lair drops have been announced today over on Twitter, likely as part of the “All-Natural, Totally Refreshing” Super Drop. The individual drops all have incredible art, created by some incredibly renowned artists!

The first one is called “Saturday Morning D&D”, which was announced over on the Dungeons and Dragons Twitter account. Artist, Tyler Walpole retweeted the initial tweet, confirming that he was behind the amazing Saturday Morning cartoon style artwork.

Tyler has an impressive resume, doing artwork for brands like Magic: the Gathering, Critical Role and Marvel!

The next drop that was announced on the MTGSecretLair Twitter is titled “Special Guest: Jen Bartel”, where Award Winning Marvel coming book Artist Jen Bartel went to work on 4 incredible pieces in her style.

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The last drop was officially announced today over on Facebook, by none other than Rebecca Guay! She had teased last year that she was working on some new Magic: the Gathering card art, and now we have it! The title of her drop is called “Mother’s Day 2021”, in which there are 4 stunning Mother of Runes cards. This is a big deal because the last piece of art for Magic that Guay did was over a decade ago in 2009. She is one of Magic‘s most beloved artists, and what a way to come back to the game!

While we’re not sure if there will be more drops announced, this super drop is looking incredible! You can order your copies over on the official Secret Lair Website starting on June 21st!

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