7, Feb, 24

3 MTG Powerhouses get Incredible Full Art Treatments!

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Playing competitive Magic is not easy. On top of being the most complicated trading card game, and maybe even the most complicated game in the world, the game also has a lot of depth, rewarding players for knowing the ins-and-outs of any select MTG format. For seasoned veterans, winning a Regional Championship Qualifier to qualify for their Regional Championship is trivial. For many, that’s just not the case.

To commemorate the difficulty of these tournaments, Wizards of the Coast regularly offers promotional cards to entice players. These cards generally see a good amount of competitive play and, thanks to their difficulty to acquire, end up being somewhat expensive.

A new trio of Regional Championship Promotional cards have been unveiled! While some cards in the past have missed the mark a bit in terms of playability, the ones this time around look fantastic. Red players should be particularly excited about the latest series of Regional Championship Promotional Cards!

Springleaf Drum

Generally, the Regional Championship promotional cards always come in trios. Each of these cards are offered once certain results are cleared in Regional Championship Qualifiers.

Springleaf Drum is the first of the three new Regional Championship Qualifier promotional cards. This commonly sees play in Modern Hammertime, Hardened Scales and various Affinity strategies in Pauper.

Springleaf Drum is a clunky mana rock, but it synergizes strongly with decks that both care about artifacts and can consistently dump zero drop creatures onto the board. This gets your artifact count up for Metalcraft-related payoffs, and allows Springleaf Drum to start making mana as early as turn one.

If you’re interested in acquiring this Springleaf Drum for yourself, good news! All you need to do is participate in a Regional Championship Qualifier in the appropriate season starting April 13. Depending on the size of event you enter, players can either receive a foil or nonfoil copy of this card.

Even if you’re not interested in the Springleaf Drum itself, these promotional cards tend to hold a premium over their other variants, especially in foil. It won’t be enough to pay for your entry fee, but it could be seen as a discount if you find the right buyer.

Goblin Guide

Rolling over players in Red strategies since its inception, Goblin Guide is one of the best aggressive one-drops in the game. A 2/2 with Haste is hard to beat when it comes to dealing damage as quickly as possible.

Of course, Goblin Guide also comes with a downside. This creature will occasionally do its job of ‘guiding’ the opponent properly, finding lands off the top of their deck for them to draw. That said, most decks that employ the dubious Guide are trying to kill you as fast as possible, so your opponent won’t get to enjoy too many of these triggers. Nowadays, Goblin Guide sees most of its play in Boros Burn in Modern. Otherwise, the card does see play in Dual Commander, a two-player competitive Commander format.

If Goblin Guide is the card among these that interests you, you’ll need to become a top finisher. This means that you’ll need to finish within the top bracket of your Regional Championship Qualifier. The top cut that is eligible for these varies by event, but generally will be awarded to a top eight finish at the absolute minimum.

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Seasoned Pyromancer

Seasoned Pyromancer is the card awarded to those who conquer the Regional Championship Qualifier circuit. If you’ve managed to beat the odds and get a seat at the table for your Regional Championship, Seasoned Pyromancer is one of the items you’ll receive to commemorate your achievement.

Seasoned Pyromancer is an incredibly powerful red option for midrange decks. The card was worth an exuberant amount of money before it saw a more recent reprint in Double Masters 2022. This card does remain quite powerful, but commonly loses out to Fable of the Mirror-Breaker in competitive formats nowadays. That said, Seasoned Pyromancer is also more than strong enough to see Commander play.

Even though this card is only worth $5 on the secondary market currently, these Regional Championship reprints that are awarded when qualifying for Regional Championships tend to retail for multiple times the normal copies of a card.

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, for example, was the Regional Championship promo awarded at the previous Pioneer Regional Championship. That card goes for almost twice the price of a normal Ugin, retailing for $42 according to TCGplayer market averages. The same is true for Snapcaster Mage, which retails for $33 in comparison to $15 for normal copies.

Pioneer is Coming Back!

If you’re interested in these Regional Championship promotional cards, you’ll have to wait a bit. These MTG cards will not be available to compete for until April 13. Additionally, if you do want to compete for these, start getting your Pioneer chops up to par, because that will be the next Regional Championship Qualifier season.

Currently, we are in the midst of the first Regional Championship Qualifier season for Standard (of this year). You can find the promotional cards for the current qualifiers here. Otherwise, the Modern Regional Championships are also commencing across North America this weekend! If you’re invested in the Modern format, be sure to watch those events for any breakout decks!

You can read more about the recently revealed Regional Championship Promo cards here.

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