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11 Modern Horizons Magic: The Gathering Cards Worth Money Now

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Article at a Glance

Magic: The Gathering’s Modern Constructed format will continue to expand with the release of the upcoming straight-to-Modern set, Modern Horizons 2, which is now available to pre-order at retailers including Amazon and TCGPlayer. But before we head to the spoiler season, let’s take a look at the most valuable non-foil cards from the first Modern Horizons set released in 2019.

Modern Horizons introduced some powerful cards to the fan-favorite eternal Constructed format, which led to the banning of Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis, so it’s not surprising to see several cards still worth more than $20 now. You can check out the list of the 11 most expensive cards from the first Modern Horizons set below; note that the prices listed are the current prices at the time of this writing, and are not ranked in any particular order.

11 Most Expensive Modern Horizons Cards

Wizards of the Coast

Force of Negation

Current Price: $75.00

Wizards of the Coast

Wrenn and Six

Current Price: $78.89

Wizards of the Coast

Urza, Lord High Artificer

Current Price: $44.15

Wizards of the Coast

Seasoned Pyromancer

Current Price: $29.00

Wizards of the Coast

Prismatic Vista

Current Price: $32.19

Wizards of the Coast

The First Sliver

Current Price: $27.90

Wizards of the Coast


Current Price: $30.10

Wizards of the Coast

Sword of Truth and Justice

Current Price: $22.02

Wizards of the Coast

Ranger, Captain of Eos

Current Price: $14.95

Wizards of the Coast

Morophon, the Boundless

Current Price: $23.00

Wizards of the Coast

Yawgmoth, Thran Physician

Current Price: $14.24

Wizards of the Coast

Modern Horizons 2 will most likely feature several cards worth $20 or more, and don’t forget that you can preorders for the products are now live.

Modern Horizons 2 is scheduled to release on June 18, 2021. You can check out spoiler section here.

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