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26, Jul, 21

10 MTG Cards From Modern Horizons 1 and 2 We Want In Historic Horizons

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Wizards of the Coast just announced their newest Magic Arena only set, Jumpstart: Historic Horizons. It’s a massive set, 782 cards, that’s being injected directly into the Historic Format, and includes 31 new Arena only cards, as well as a ton of reprints from Modern Horizons, Modern Horizons 2 and more. We already know one of the cards being reprinted from Modern Horizons is Ranger-Captain of Eos, but there’s a lot more cards to come.

Ranger-Captain of Eos
Wizards of the Coast

Here’s our top 10 cards that we want to see from Modern Horizons 1 and 2 in Historic Horizons.

Modern Horizons

10. On Thin Ice

Wizards of the Coast

First up is On Thin Ice. Snow isn’t really a theme that we see a ton of in the Historic format, and with the amount of support for snow that’s in Modern Horizons, this powerful removal spell is one that definitely needs to make the cut. It’s seeing a bunch of play in Modern, and can help deal with problematic creatures with ease.

9. Fact or Fiction

Fact or Fiction
Wizards of the Coast
Fact or Fiction is one of the most iconic blue draw spells out there. Though it doesn’t see any Modern play, this card could do well for Historic. 4 mana is a lot for a draw spell, but this one is good enough that it’s a strong consideration for control decks in Historic.

8. Hexdrinker

Wizards of the Coast
Hexdrinker is the kind of 1 drop green creature that is exciting. It’s the kind of threat that starts out innocent, but can build to be a serious body over the course of the game. There’s plenty of ways to deal with it, but this can help green decks get out to a nice fast start and be a real aggro contender in the format.

7. Seasoned Pyromancer

Seasoned Pyromancer
Wizards of the Coast
Seasoned Pyromancer is a Modern all star card, and does everything that red decks really want to do, which is put bodies on the board, and refill their hand of cards. This card is a relatively fair card, and would fit in really nicely into Historic, hopefully giving red decks some much needed oomph.

6. Unsettled Mariner

Wizards of the Coast

Last up from Modern Horizons is Unsettled Mariner. This powerful shapeshifter giving you and your permanents Ward 1 is quite the ability. Traditionally used in tribal decks like Humans, this card hopefully will help enable some more tribal strategies in Historic by providing some much needed spot removal protection.

Modern Horizons 2

5. Sanctifier en-Vec

Wizards of the Coast
Sanctifier en-Vec is the perfect card to bring in for the White creature decks in the format. This helps deal with 2 of the colors that white generally struggles with and it’s great hate bear.

4. Persis

Wizards of the Coast

The Reanimator archetype is one that’s been lacking in Historic. There are some tools like Unburial Rites, and a couple cool creatures to reanimate, but the problem with the deck is that it’s quite slow. It takes a bit to get the strategy off the ground. Persist I think would help breathe life into the archetype. The cheap cost really helps gives you the value of bringing out a big creature early on in the game.

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3. Ignoble Hierarch

Wizards of the Coast
Ignoble Hierarch is another great tool for creature decks to have. It’s a mana dork, which can help us ramp, but also giving exalted to a creature is a big help as well. The Jund color scheme on this card is no issue since red generally pairs nicely with green. This would be an easy replacement in Gruul for Llanowar Elves.

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2. Garth One-Eye

Wizards of the Coast
Garth One-Eye is definitely one of the most unique cards that we’ve ever seen printed in paper. This 5 color creatures lets us play with one of Magic’s most iconic cards, Black Lotus. We don’t have the tools to really abuse Garth in Historic like is possible in Modern, but there could be some fun decks that could come up from this card.

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1. Glimpse of Tomorrow

Wizards of the Coast

Last up is my favorite card from Modern Horizons 2, in Glimpse of Tomorrow. I think that all of the suspend spells would be fine to add into Historic, but this one is my favorite. This card is making some splashes in Modern on Magic Online, and I think this would be super fun in Historic. Hopefully if this gets added, it won’t crash the client like it does on MTGO.

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Jumpstart: Historic Horizons is a Magic Arena only set. The set will be only legal for the Historic Format. It releases on August 12, 2021 on Magic Arena and contains 782 cards, comprised of 31 new Arena Only cards, and 751 reprints from Modern Horizons, Modern Horizons 2 and more. You can check out our preview gallery to stay up to date with all the cards!

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