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13, Dec, 22

10 Compleated Planeswalkers Revealed in MTG First Look!

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Phyrexia: All Will be One’s first look has just concluded, and the biggest news this time around is not the spoilers! While some new cards are being showcased, a much more significant news drop is what’s going on with Planeswalkers in this set. Ten different Planeswalkers are featured in this set, and only five will appear unscathed. The rest are going to join New Phyrexia’s army. That said, we still got a teaser spoiling Compleated ‘what if’ versions of all the Planeswalkers included in Phyrexia: All Will be One!

The Return of Koth

The only Planeswalker card we got to see today is Koth. For reference, this Planeswalker was last seen all the way back in 2010 in the Scars of Mirrodin set. This is the second printing the Planeswalker character has ever received, and many MTG fans are excited to finally see him back!

The next thing to point out is Koth’s rarity. Since there will be ten Planeswalkers in this set, making them all Mythic could cause some balance issues. As a result, five of the new Planeswalkers will be Rare cards, which is highly unusual, and five will be Mythic.

In terms of Koth itself, it looks ok. It only takes two upticks to get to Koth’s Ultimate ability, and if Valakut, Molten Pinnacle’s presence in Modern suggests anything, it’s that Koth’s Ultimate will end games when resolved. Outside of that impressive ability, Koth does not have much to offer, but he resonates strongly with his past iterations.

Who are the Ten Phyrexia: All Will Be One Planeswalkers?

While none of the Planeswalker cards from Phyrexia: All Will be One have been spoiled outside of Koth, we know which ten Planeswalkers will return to Standard. The artwork presented in this snapshot does not reflect the Planeswalkers as seen in the set, but instead the “most recent printings” (Worldwake is definitely not Jace’s most recent printing, but it is his most famous one) of the characters who will make an appearance. These Planeswalkers “have a plan,” according to WeeklyMTG host Blake Rasmussen, but not everyone will make it out unscathed.

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Phyrexia: All WIll Be One ‘What If’ Booster Fun Compleation

While we have no official confirmation about which Planeswalkers will end up Compleated in Phyrexia: All Will be One, ten Booster Fun anime arts were shown off featuring an ‘imagined’ version of each of the above ten Planeswalkers being Compleated. These have different degrees of detail, which could be used to infer what Planeswalkers are actually being Compleated.

Various MTG fans quickly pointed out that Jace, in this Booster Fun art by Showichi Furumi, somehow got his hands on Luxior, the legendary blade from Streets of New Capenna. It almost looks like the Planeswalker is desparking himself here, but it’s hard to imagine Jace being one of the Compleated Planeswalkers. Either way, this is an elegant detail that already has community members theorizing.

Kaito has a lot of detail added to his Compleated design. Up to this point, the augmentations we’ve seen to Compleated Planeswalkers have been minimal, but it would be neat if designs started spicing up a bit.

Kaya’s detail is not too exaggerated, outside of the Phyrexian symbol pasted on her face. I could see Kaya being one of the Compleated Planeswalkers in the new set. Since she can phase through walls, I could see her being an excellent villain for a horror-themed set.

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We’ve already had Koth spoiled to us, so we know that Koth will not be Compleated in the new set. That said, this reimagination by Ai Nanahira is breathtaking.

Lukka’s picture is pretty bizarre and has much more detail than some of the other Compleated ‘what if’ Booster Fun artworks. Notably, some loose ends were left after leaving Strixhaven, which was the last time we saw Lukka. I’m really not sure if Lukka will be Compleated or not as, if not for these loose ends, I would be pretty certain that he is one of the Planeswalkers getting Compleated. If our heroes find a way to reverse the Compleation process, Lukka becoming Compleated makes much more sense. Alternatively, the Strixhaven storyline could just be forgotten.

This is the Planeswalker I am hoping becomes Compleated the most. I have nothing against Nahiri, but it would make a fantastic opportunity for her to have a final battle against Sorin in March of the Machines (if he appears in that set). Having swords for arms is a very believable take for a Phyrexianized version of this Planeswalker as well.

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This is the creepiest of the ‘What if’ artworks shown off for ‘imaginary’ versions of Compleated Planeswalkers. I have no idea whether Nissa will end up Compleated or not, but a lot of the MTG community seems to think that her Compleation is very unlikely.

What the heck is going on with Tyvar!? As a note, Phyrexian Elves were mentioned when discussing this particular card’s image. Tyvar does not have a lot of Lore behind him, making him, in my opinion, a likely target to become Compleated. That said, his Compleated form is so outlandish that it’s difficult to know whether he is becoming Completed.

Vraska seems “right at home” in her Compleated form, according to Blake. Because Jace and Vraska have a relationship, it’s hard to imagine that both would become Compleated, or that both would remain ok. While Jace’s Compleation would be a lot more interesting from a Lore perspective, I am hoping that the Phyrexians break this couple up to create a deep tension (and it gets resolved in the end, of course).

The last Compleated “What if” Planeswalker art spoiled today is the one for The Wandering Emperor. This art is particularly spooky since she looks a lot like Elish Norn herself. On that note, six different Elish Norn variants were also spoiled today. We’ll have more on that soon.

Who do You Think is Getting Compleated?

So far, we know that Koth is safe, which means that five of the other nine Planeswalkers are getting Compleated. It’s pretty challenging to know who is and isn’t being Compleated at this point, but my guess would be as follows:

  • Nahiri
  • Tyvar Kell
  • Kaya
  • Vraska/Jace (I think Vraska is more likely, but I am much more interested in Jace being Compleated)
  • Lukka

Notably, Koth’s Compleation did not have a lot of detail, so if we go by a metric of detail, the most likely Planeswalkers to be Compleated may be:

  • Kaito Shizuki
  • Tyvar Kell
  • Lukka
  • Kaya
  • The Wandering Emperor

As for what really happens, we’ll have to wait until January 12th, when the Phyrexia: All Will Be One main spoiler season begins!

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