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11 Best Planeswalkers In Commander

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The best Planeswalkers in Commander can help turn around a difficult game, or completely cement one where you’re already pulling ahead. First seen in 2007’s Lorwyn, Planeswalkers are some of the most important cards in MTG. Not only do they showcase iconic and literally important characters, but these cards are also incredibly strong. So much so, in fact, that you can feasibly build entire decks built around them, known as Superfriends. 

Since their first appearance, Wizards has steadily been releasing more and more Planeswalkers, with multiple appearing in each set. While this gives players a huge number of cards to brew with and build around, recently, there was a major change. Thanks to the events of the Phyrexian Arc, a huge number of beloved MTG Planeswalkers have been de-sparked. This has turned many of them into boring ol’ Legendary creatures.

Thankfully, while this definitely is a stark change, Wizards is still releasing one Planeswalker card per set. Alongside this, the previously printed cards aren’t going anywhere, as they’re still playable in Eternal formats such as Commander. Due to this, there are still a huge number of Planeswalker cards to use and build around. The question remains, however, which are the best Planeswalkers in Commander?

If that very question is on the tip of your tongue, and we’re guessing it is since you’re here, then you’re in luck! Throughout this article, we’ll be detailing all of the best and most powerful Planeswalker cards you can use in Commander. So, without any further ado, let’s dive right into the list!

11. Professor Onyx

Wizards of the Coast

Professor Onyx is the most recently printed Planeswalker on this list. When used fairly, Professor Onyx provides a lot of utility, from card selection to removal. If you get to ultimate her, it can do a lot of damage to our opponent. What really helps her make this list though is her ability to combo with a few spells to win the game on the spot. Examples of this are Chain of Smog, Chain of Acid and an indestructible artifact like Darksteel Ingot just to name a few.

10. Chandra, Hope’s Beacon

Chandra, Hope’s Beacon offers an incredible amount of value to any player who can consistently take advantage of her static ability. Able to copy one instant or sorcery you cast per turn, this can both double the efficiency of a massive spell on your turn while making your interaction not only a lot more deadly, but difficult to interact with. Past this point, Chandra can function as emergency removal, ramp and, most importantly, as a source of card advantage.

9. Ugin, The Spirit Dragon

Our only Dragon on the list, Ugin, the Spirit Dragon is the top end bomb that can really stabilize a board. Both first and second abilities provide great removal options, and with a potentially game ending ultimate, there is a lot to love here.

8. Dack Fayden

Most powerful Commander cards are capable of creating effects that far outweigh their mana value, and Dack Fayden is no exception. Capable of stealing opponent’s artifacts, taking an opponent’s Sol Ring in the opening turns can be catastrophic. Of course, this effect can also scale as the game progresses, capable of stealing massive threats like Blightsteel Colossus. Should your opponent be using an artifact Commander, Dack Fayden becomes their natural nemesis.

There are a ton of threatening artifacts that will appear at every stage of a Commander game, giving a lot of room for Dack’s minus two effect to be useful. In the unlikely situation where you can’t do much with it, you can still get a recurring Faithless Looting – an effect so powerful that its been banned in other formats.

If you manage to get to Dack’s Ultimate online, it’s no exaggeration to say you’ll win the game in short succession.

7. Teferi, Master of Time

Teferi, Master of Time has one of the most unique static abilities ever printed on a Planeswalker. With the ability to use his abilities at instant speed on our opponent’s turns, we can very quickly get Teferi up towards his ultimate. On top of that he can Phase out a creature at instant speed, which can save him in a pinch.

The ability to use this card’s abilities at instant speed, however, is the real reason why it’s on this list. Since Commander has four players, you get to activate Teferi, Master of Time’s abilities four times in a turn cycle! Suddenly, it’s not too difficult to take two extra turns out of nowhere.

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6. Karn, the Great Creator

Mana rocks are generally staple cards in any commander deck. There’s also a ton of various artifacts with powerful abilities. Karn, the Great Creator says no to all of that. In conjunction with Mycosynth Lattice, we lock our opponents out of the game. While we can’t take advantage of the -2, the combo potential that this card provides makes that a non issue.

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5. Dihada, Binder of Wills

A newer Planeswalker from the Commander portion of Dominaria United released at the end of 2022, Dihada, Binder of Wills has an incredibly powerful minus ability. While Dihada is intended to synergize with Legandary cards, the minus doesn’t really have a downside. Of the top four cards revealed, the Legendary ones may get added to your hand. The other cards get sent to the graveyard and you get Treasure Tokens equal to the number of cards sent to your graveyard this way.

This is both incredibly powerful in graveyard synergy decks, and has the potential of ramping you up four mana. In the likely scenario where it adds something to your hand, Dihada just gave you card advantage and a way to cast it.

Otherwise, Dihada can ultimate surprisingly fast, and this ultimate ends games. Taking control of all nonland permanents temporarily is usually enough to at least kill one player, and if you have some cheeky effect like Sundial of the Infinite, you can keep all the cards you took control of, essentially ending the game on the spot.

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4. Teferi, Time Raveler

Teferi, Time Raveler is the epitome of control in commander. This card lets you play on your opponent’s turns, but makes them only play on their own. It can also remove a creature, artifact or enchantment from the board, and draw a card in the process. This also has some crazy combo potential as well with Knowledge Pool, locking our opponent out of casting spells.

Watch out for Teferi, Time Raveler and Displacer Kitten hitting your opponent’s board. These two cards, combined with a mana neutral or mana positive rock like Sol Ring, allows a player to draw their entire deck and, in the case of mana-positive rocks, float infinite mana.

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3. Ashiok, Dream Render

Ashiok, Dream Render does a lot for you at 3 mana. The static ability will random hose your opponent’s plays of searching their libraries. The activated ability deals with the graveyard, which is often a really strong source of cards for many decks. This is definitely a must kill Planeswalker if you happen to run up against it.

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2. Narset, Parter of Veils

You’d be surprised at how often players will draw extra cards in a commander game. When you play Narset, Parter of Veils you’ll know exactly how often that happens, because you’ll be reminding people that they can’t. Comboing with Wheel of Fortune effects, you can very quickly bring a game to a crawl because no one has any cards in their hand. Honestly, resolving a wheel with Narset on the board will, generally, eke a concession out of the table.

Wheels are all over the place in Commander now, which just makes Narset that much more deadly.

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1. Oko, Thief of Crowns

Oko, Thief of Crowns is definitely one of the best Planeswalkers of all time, but this is one of the few, if not the only, Planeswalker that can turn off a commander. Similar to Song of the Dryad or Darksteel Mutation, we get to Elk our opponent’s Commanders, which can really put a damper on our opponent’s plan.

Because the Commander is simply transformed, and not destroyed, opponents will not be able to return their Commanders to the Command Zone upon their Elkification. Think of it like the infamous Oubliette.

Instead, players will be frantically trying to make deals with opponents to kill their Elk off. That said, those deals could be largely irrelevant if Oko persists on the table, and its Loyalty count makes it hard to kill. Expect to become the archenemy if this hits your board, and do consider trying to take it out at all costs if it’s on your opponent’s.

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