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Will Play-to-Earn Be Part of the Next Generation Games?

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Article at a Glance

The appearance of Blockchain has improved internet gaming to the point that many games allow players to earn money immediately. A subset of these modern games is called play-to-earn or P2E because they allow players to entertain with their favorite games that can hold potentially valuable in-game assets. 

Similar to the NFT or crypto games, P2E offer players the chance to earn cryptocurrencies or assets stored on the blockchain. How will play-to-earn be part of the next generation of games?

Explanation of Play-to-Earn Games

The concept behind the P2E is simple: the players choose their preferred games and collect specific tokens or NFTs produced in the blockchain-based game. Then, when they earn digital cash or non-fungible tokens, they can exchange them for fiat cash. 

Depending on a game’s features, they can turn their NFTs into real money. In fact, the key component of these new games is to increase the players’ value through active participation in the game. 

In addition, more players can join the same game to maximise their chances to win and increase the value of the assets that they have already collected.

Play-to-Earn vs Traditional Online Games

Traditional online gaming and Play-to-Earn are different because traditional gaming is described as a “closed-end model.” Players play their favourite games and do repetitive tasks within the game to unlock prizes. These prizes, however, are not exchangeable for real-world currency… most of the time.

With a variety of games and the convenience of playing from the comfort of one’s home, online slots have become a favored choice among gaming enthusiasts worldwide.

Therefore, many gamblers play diverse slots online, driven by their accessibility, engaging themes, and the thrill of potentially lucrative payouts. Nonetheless, compared with play-to-earn games, players aren’t immediately permitted to transfer their money, as they have to wait for the gaming companies. 

As for the P2E games, they bring value back to the players because after completing tasks, they earn rewards. The decentralised nature of the games permits them to buy and transfer in-game assets.

Top-Rated Play-to-Earn Games

Generally play-to-earn games have gone mainstream with several platforms boasting their own form of cryptocurrencies to reward gamers for their time commitment. The games involve skill and strategy, so the skilled players will acquire more assets than those with less skill. Here are the most popular P2E games.

Axie Infinity

The game Axie Infinity was developed by Sky Mavis, on an Ethereum-linked sidechain, the Ronin Network. In this game, the players’ commitment is to battle against other online gamers while trying to collect prizes. 

Different types of Axies are available and the possibilities for customisation are endless. The skilled and lucky players who can battle other users win Smooth Love Potion tokens that can be sold for main utility tokens.

Gods Unchained

Another renowned form of play-to-earn gaming is Gods Unchained. This game has a booming marketplace because it enables gamers to earn cash in several ways. In fact, these card games are similar to Magic cards, but instead, they are designed with NFTs and the blockchain. 

Gods Unchained’s goal is to build card decks and defeat opponents Player. Evidently, players own their in-game assets and cards, which permit them to sell, buy, and trade them. The game is low cost to start playing but allows players to build their digital NFT decks.


One of the exciting P2E games that have seduced gamers is Decentraland. This virtual reality platform permits the users to build their own 3D world, purchase land, and develop it within the platform. Once they are able to buy land, they can create anything they want with it. 

They can also play other games to keep their land secure while they are offline. Before playing, gamers need to have an Ethereum wallet to be able to buy and store the platform’s MANA currency.

The Sandbox

The blockchain-based game The Sandbox is considered the most popular P2E that has seduced millions of players. The Sandbox’s purpose is to build craft and survive in the blocky metaverse to collect prizes. 

Players are allowed to build, craft, and survive in its blocky metaverse, but before everything, they need to buy SAND in-game currency tokens. When they arrive to build their houses or castles, they need to go on quests to earn more tokens.

Alien Worlds

As its name suggests, Alien Worlds is an advanced play-to-earn game, full of adventure and excitement. The game transports gamers to space where they need to capture NFT alien species. 

Those who choose to upgrade their games will have greater odds of winning. The official cryptocurrency of the Alien Worlds game is the alien world which trades under TLM items. Before playing, the users need mining tools and deposit TLM.

The Future of P2E Games

Play-to-earn has become a buzzword among all netizens, with many players around the world playing different types of this game. As tokenization will take centre stage in the future, the development of Play-to-Earn games is ensured, making them part of the next-generation gaming industry. 

When it comes to an immersive experience, no game can beat play-to-earn. The growing popularity of P2E games should encourage developers to focus on creating various variants targeting a large audience.


Today, play-to-earn games have been the talk of the country, considered innovations that will revolutionize modern gaming. Though various P2E games from the developers are available, players require a wide variety of games to boost potential valuable assets.

While online slots primarily offer a game of chance, relying on random outcomes, play-to-earn games introduce an interactive element where players can earn rewards or digital assets through skill-based activities. However, online slots appeal to players with various free spins and no-deposit bonuses. 

In contrast, play-to-earn games emphasize skill and effort in accumulating in-game benefits. Blockchain technology provides players with the opportunity to not only enjoy gaming, but also earn real-world rewards and digital assets through their in-game achievements.

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