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How to Play Online Slots in Canada

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Article at a Glance

There’s no denying the fact that we’re all huge Magic: The Gathering fans here at MTG Rocks! We cannot get enough of this iconic CCG, whether we’re playing old-school style or via Magic The Gathering: Arena on PC. Sometimes, though, we like to dip our toes into other digital gaming genres, including strategy-based video games and even iGaming genres like online slots.

For US and European readers, you may already be quite familiar with the ins and outs of playing casino games online thanks to each territory’s specific legislation governing real money gaming. However, many Canadian players aren’t as up to speed with the casino gaming options available to them. If you count yourself among the latter, keep reading to find out how to play and the top slot titles to check out.

Where to Play Slots in Canada

Canadian gamers have a few options available to them when it comes to playing online slot games, from desktop platforms to mobile apps. While there are several independent developers putting out social casino gaming experiences, if you want to play real money slots, you should only do so via licensed operators. Licenses are awarded by gambling jurisdictions, such as the  Antigua and Barbuda Financial Services Regulatory, to operators with safe, secure, and provably fair gaming platforms.

The best online casino in Canada to sign up with will not only be fully licensed by a gambling jurisdiction, but they should also offer you a vast selection of slots titles to choose from. If you do want to play a casino staple on the go, then look for operators with iOS and Android apps or responsive websites that adapt to mobile play.

Types of Slots to Play in Canada

If you’ve ever played MTG: Arena on your PC or laptop, you’ll already have a good idea of how digital technology can transform an “offline” game. The same is true for the online slots’ genre, the digitalization of this casino staple has created new experiences that would be hard to replicate in brick-and-mortar venues. For instance, some games run with an accumulative jackpot, meaning the prizes get bigger the more often they’re played. Then, of course, there’s the multitude of themed slots, with games inspired by everything from movies to ancient history.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular slots’ categories.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive jackpot games are some of the most exciting slot’s titles you can play in Canada — and you certainly won’t find comparable alternatives in a real-life casino. Slots with progressive jackpots don’t just deliver guaranteed jackpots, the jackpots themselves accumulate in value the more a game is played. While they may not deliver the frequent payouts that low volatility games do (more on those below), when the jackpot does drop it’s not unusual for the payouts to hit six figures.

Some progressive slots even feature hot drop jackpots, which are guaranteed to drop every hour. The most popular titles in Canada are A Night with Cleo, Reels of Fortune, and 777 Deluxe.

3- and 5-Reel Slots

Slots with 3 and 5 reels are the staple games of the genre, and the most instantly recognisable as casino games. Although these classics feature sophisticated graphics and immersive audio, their aim is to deliver maximum excitement and the maximum number of payouts.

These slots are considered low volatility, which means that even though they don’t provide higher payouts, the frequency at which payouts are delivered makes them worth playing. If you’re a beginner, 3 and 5-reel slots are a great place to start.

Themed Slots

We could probably devote an entire post to the sheer range of themed online slots you can play in Canada! It really is possible to find slot games based on hundreds of different themes, whether that’s Hollywood blockbusters like The Godfather, game shows (Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Deal or No Deal), classic fiction such as Frankenstein, and myths and historical legends. Sadly, there isn’t an MTG-themed slot game out there just yet, but it’s still possible to find numerous fantasy-themed slots to play instead.

If you’re exploring online slots in Canada for the first time, choosing your favourite theme and then checking out the different types of games that are available is a great place to start. In most online casino platforms, you can even filter and search slot titles by theme.

Video Poker

They may not feature the staggering prizes associated with hot-drop jackpots, or the widespread appeal of themed games, but video poker slots are a popular alternative. As the name suggests, video poker games have poker gameplay so they’re ideal for card gamers and anyone with an interest in strategic gaming.

Most of the video poker options available at Canadian gaming sites are based on the classic 5-card draw rules, but other variants do exist like Texas Hold’em. There’s a higher level of skill associated with playing video poker than other slots genres, so if you do want to play them it’s worth familiarising yourself with poker hand rankings and gambling strategies first.

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