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Best Green Cards to Buy that Survive Rotation for MTG Standard 2022

Standard 2022 will have a lot of new decks. But some old ones will survive too. These are the best green cards you can buy if you want to play the new format.
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The Standard format is going to rotate tomorrow, September 17, 2021. When it does, the format’s metagame is going to see some big overhauls. But while many beloved cards will be leaving Standard, that doesn’t mean everything is going to change.

There are still plenty of good cards from Zendikar Rising, Kaldheim, Strixhaven: School of Mages, and Adventures in the Forgotten Realms that will be key players moving forward into Standard 2022. And rotation is a good time to buy them if you want to contend in the new format.

Whereas recently we had eight sets to pick and choose cards from in Standard, now there are only five. This makes it one of the cheapest, and best times to start playing Standard. This article will be focusing on the best mono-green creatures that will continue to see play in Standard 2022.

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Werewolf Pack Leader


Werewolf Pack Leader was already a staple two-drop creature in Mono-Green Aggro strategies before Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, a set dedicated to werewolves. Lord of the Ulvenwald, Primal Adversery, and Tovolar, Dire Overlord. If a werewolf deck comes out of Midnight Hunt it will almost certainly include the Pack Leader.

But Werewolf Pack Leader is not relegated to werewolf-themed decks. Mono-Green Aggro decks from Standard 2021 are not losing too much from rotation.

Ranger Class


This card really pushed Mono-Green Aggro strategies over the top in Standard 2021. It provides so much value from just one card, starting with a 2/2 wolf for two mana (which could be relevant with werewolf strategies from Midnight Hunt). But you can level the enchantment up twice, allowing you to grow your creatures with +1/+1 counters, and play creatures from the top of your library. These are ALL effects that Mono-Green Aggro, and really any creature-based green strategies want moving into Standard 2022.

Ranger Class is one of the most competitive cards to come out of Adventures in the Forgotten Realms and it will be a mainstay in the Standard format for the duration of its legality.


Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider is a bomb! It’s a 6/6 Trample Haste that can simply close out cames. But pair it with any counter-producing cards and that’s where it really shines. This is best demonstrated with Planeswalkers, as they’ll enter the battlefield with twice as much loyalty, and can twice as much from + abilities. This leads to some easy ultimate abilities like from the new Wrenn and Seven.

It’s worth noting that Vorinclex stops opposing saga cards in their tracks. Cards like Binding of the Old Gods are nullified. As we now have news that we will be returning to Dominaria this year, the place where Saga cards were first introduced, there is some extra incentive to buy Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider now.

Esika’s Chariot

Esika’s Chariot may seem like it belongs in token dedicated decks, but looking at its track record from Standard 2021, it doesn’t have to be. It saw play in several Naya and Mono-Green strategies, as the Legendary Vehicle makes for a great attacker, and its token-copying ability is self-sufficient because it comes with two 2/2 cats when it enters the battlefield.

There are also a lot of new token producers from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt that will work great with Esika’s Chariot. Just take a look at Briarbridge Tracker, Consuming Blob, and Tovolar’s Huntmaster.

Toski, Bearer of Secrets

In Standard 2021, Toski found homes in just about any creature-based green deck. It is a tremendously difficult card to get rid of as it is both uncounterable and indestructible. Then it just sits on the table accruing card advantage every time a creature deals combat damage to a player.

Toski will almost certainly continue to serve as a top-of-the-curve threat in Mono-Green Aggro strategies moving into Standard 2022.

Lotus Cobra

Lotus Cobra is one of the most unique and powerful mana ramping cards in the game. It saw Standard play when it was originally printed in Zendikar, and since its reprinting in Zendikar Rising it has lived up to its reputation. Paired with Omnath, Locus of Creation (before it was banned) it almost broke the Standard metagame.

If there are to be any ramp decks in the next year of Standard, they will undoubtedly want to include four of this gorgeously illustrated snake.

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